Hotmail account free security advice.

We have been contacted by a growing number of people who are receiving phishing email’s designed to look like they are being sent from hotmail.
These emails try to dupe people into providing their login details by asking them to confirm that they would like to keep their email account active and threatening that if they do not send back the required information in a given time scale that their hotmail account will be suspended.
Do not worry your account is safe and is not about to be shut down.These phishing email’s are not from hotmail. Hotmail or any other reputable organisation would never ask you to confirm personal information and passwords via email. Its just not safe to provide information in this manner.
So remember never ever disclose login details to anyone, especially not just because you have received an email asking for it.
If you have any security concerns will be happy to assist you further. we are independent hotmail security specialists.

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