Is Facebook safe to let our children use

Facebook has become the largest social media website in the world. Everybody seems to have a facebook account!
Facebook rules dictate that users must be over 13 years of age to create an account so my question is this. Is it safe to let our children have an account?
Well facebook is an excellent way for our children to interact with their school friends and family, but there are precautions that should be taken when agreeing to let your child have an account.
Before your child even sets up an account create ground rules. Discuss with your child who he wants to be friends with and why. Explain to them the dangers off adding people they do not know. It is also important to set rules as to the amount of time your child spends on facebook. It can be very easy to waste hours and hours on facebook and this can end up having a detremental effect on homework and study time.
In my opinion privacy options on a young persons account should be set to the highest possible settings. We do not want any Tom, Dick or Harry discovering our child’s account and trying to befriend them. remember there are some horrible people out there so safety is a must.
Do not let your child hide away in their bedroom on their computer. Join in with them and make facebook something that you do together as a family.
Whilst it maybe unfair to not let your children have a facebook account children are still very much children at that age and precautions to protect them have to be taken. provide Independent support and have lots of experience providing advice on facebook security. If you need any further help please do not hesitate to contact us at
Update your hotmail account
use of web based email programs such as Hotmail has rocketed over the last few years, and with the growth of these programs there has also been a massive increase in the amount of account’s being compromised or hacked.
One day you will type your password in and low and behold your account has been temporarily blocked.
We have seen many cases of people’s accounts who have been compromised so badly that they never gain access back into them again and all the data that was stored in that account is lost forever causing untold heartache and misery.
However there are some simple steps you can take to protect yourself and users of this kind of email accounts should ensure the following tips are followed.
Tip 1.
Provide up to date information relating to your account. More often than not users create an account and NEVER update it. For example someone may have set up a Hotmail account 10 or so years back and provided their Zip or postal code that was current at that time. Time goes by and people move house do not update their account and low and behold when you encounter a problem due to a hacking attempt on your account you can’t remember the information you provided at the time of registration.
Tip 2.
Always register a confirmed secondary email address to your account. That way you can easily be sent account reset instructions should you ever encounter a problem. Oh yeah and be sure that the secondary email address you have added is active.
Tip 3.
Install Microsoft security essentials, its free and once installed you can switch on the option in your account settings to enable trusted PC.
Tip 4.
Add a mobile telephone number to your account. This is the best advice I can give anyone who has a Hotmail account. If you are unlucky enough to have your account compromised the system automatically sends you a code to your mobile telephone via SMS and you can reset your account in minutes.
If all of these tips are followed you should encounter no problem using your Hotmail account and it should continue to give you years of trouble free emailing, however should you still be encountering problems and need further advice will be happy to help.

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