Yahoo Finance Scam

We are seeing an Increase in the number of calls we are receiving relating to a yahoo finance scam.
The scam starts by somebody seeing a car advertised on a reputable car sales site like auto-trader. The car is advertised at a very cheap price to attract many people to be interested in purchasing it. Once the perspective buyer makes contact with the seller they are informed that the vehicle is located in Portugal (this could be anywhere in the world) and that the seller needs to sell it quickly. The buyers are told that the seller will ship the car to the UK included in the cost of the sale.
Emails are then exchanged and the seller tells the buyer that he wants to use yahoo finance as a middleman to protect everybody’s interest’s. The seller then proceeds to send paperwork that looks like it is from yahoo finance with details of the guarantees that yahoo finance will offer to cover the transaction.
Buyers are then urged to send their payment to a “yahoo agent” who will oversee the transaction.
This whole thing is a scam. Yahoo finance do not offer this kind of service and the con man is using the yahoo brand name to provide credibility to the scam.
Do not send any money, you will not get the car and will probably never see a penny of the money again.
My advice is this. If a car is advertised at a knock down price ask yourself why? Never buy a car over the internet without physically seeing it and doing the normal HPI checks on the vehicle and never send money to anyone based on a sob story and a few shinny pictures.
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